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09 August 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Two hours of secondhand embarrassment.

Chris Colfer>all of the others, though. He was the best part.

Other than Sandra Bullock winning her categories and very few others, none of the awards made any sense.
08 August 2010 @ 11:49 am
07 August 2010 @ 11:02 am
It's really starting to get irritating.

Mark and Dianna are friends. Cory and Lea are friends. Mark and Lea are friends. Cory and Dianna are friends. Dianna and Lea are friends. End of story. The adamant shipping is getting out of control.

Especially Cory/Lea, but that may be my own bias towards Finn/Rachel. Hello, Lea is in a relationship. There's nothing going on there. Them smiling at each other and being comfortable with each other doesn't mean squat.
23 July 2010 @ 08:00 pm
So, New Directions came in second at Regionals, meaning that Glee Club gets to be around for another year. But school is over for the year so everyone's enjoying their summer, and getting ready for next year. William McKinley High School has a new librarian, and new students, along with familiar faces still hanging around, and is looking for more faces! Characters that we'd like to see wandering the halls of McKinley, Carmel, and other places around Lima are: Rachel, Jesse, Matt, Shelby Corcoran, Figgins, Sandy, Ken, Bryan Ryan, Jacob Ben Israel, Dave Karofsky, and Azimio. Though we'd love some original characters as well! limalosers picks up at the end of "Bad Reputation" originally, though there's been some development since then. We have a wonderful group of players who love to chat, hang out, and play! So if you think you've got what it takes to help make this RPG ROCK (like a hurricane) swing on over and drop in your application! We're looking forward to seeing YOU! And that's what you've missed on Glee!
17 July 2010 @ 11:45 am
jesse st. james may be cocky and self-assured but i think that comes mostly from the fact that it's true. he is a great singer. he's ideas are superior. it's mostly fact. it would be a different story if he was cocky when the things he brags about are just exaggerations or completely false. but the thing is... it's really not. he knows his strength and he also knows his weaknesses. he's not scared to admit both. he calls himself out for both his strengths and his weaknesses and he does the same thing to other people. if the performance is great, he says it is. if he thinks it sucks, he says so as well. he doesn't sugarcoat. he tells as it is, not to be rude but to be frank. he doesn't put anyone in a pedestal, not himself and not anyone else. he tells rachel she's great and she's gonna be a big star because she is great and she is gonna be a big star. you compare this to the two other guys in rachel's life... we've got finn who puts her in a pedestal. he's freaked out by her intensity, can't name one thing that's great about her (in that episode where she lost her voice). he has a version of rachel berry in his head and if it doesn't fit that version, he rejects it. rachel is more than just her voice or how she usually dresses. she can be sexy and still be rachel berry. puck also has a version of rachel berry in his head... the jewish rachel berry that the good lord wants him to sleep with. they may have seen glimpses of a vulnerable rachel berry (finn when she lost her voice, puck when she was feeling insecure about finn) but it was only jesse who's seen her fully in all her glorious vulnerability... rachel berry feeling empty and vulnerable and hurting so badly, an orphan searching for a maternal figure in her life... jesse has already fallen for her intensity and her tendency to be melodramatic and when he saw her at her purest form, rachel berry stripped down to just rachel berry... he saw and he cared and fell in love with her. he loved her when she was at her best and he fell for her even more when she was at her weakest. and i have to say that i'm just absolutely in love with the reaction shots they made of jesse to prove it (especially the end of "dream on").
-Sergeant Pepper

Jesse and Rachel are the first couple that I’ve truly shipped on Glee and even though before the back 9 I total myself not to ship them (because I had a soft spot for F/R) they caught hold of me and sucked me into the Glee shipping verse.

My reasons for shipping this couple comes down to two reasons,

1. Their story/personalities. Yes he was playing her in the beginning but like all epic romances his feelings for her grew into something more. Also since the finale was left so open ending for this pairing in only gives me hope that the might one day get back together over the course of the show.

I feel as though Jesse is the only other character in the show that can truly understand Rachel’s need and drive to go for her dreams and he can put them into some sort of perspective because he wants to be a future star just as much as she does and I don’t think that Rachel has that connection with anyone else. I also feel as though Jesse has calmed Rachel down because in the first 13 her personality was a little ‘in your face’ and I couldn’t really think of a time when she ever reverted truly back to that nature in Jesse’s presence.

2. Jonathan & Lea. The closeness and connection that they have with each other offscreen really helps Jesse & Rachel become a believable couple even in the Glee universe. They had the chemistry there from their first scene together when they sang "Hello" in the music store. The looks, the tension you could not only see but feel this couple beginning to, dare I say, fall in love in that split moment. Jonathan & Lea brought that extra little bit to the couple they where playing and I feel as Home really proved this, the unscripted moments in the background of scenes really sold Jesse & Rachel as being a true, believable couple to me. They were either looking at each other or he had his arms slung around her. Also during all their scenes they were always finding someway to touch each other like Jesse & Rachel were saying that they don’t like being apart from one another.

I hope that when Jonathan returns to the show we get more scenes between Jesse & Rachel because I believe that they are one of the only couples the show has created that would actually have a shot at being a long term, also we all know they’re their doing to both end up on Broadway so why not let them do it together RM and co.

From the moment that I heard about Jesse, I knew that it was likely he wouldn't be entirely truthful with New Directions. But from the first moment that Rachel & Jesse met, the chemistry was so hot, you could've lit a fire between them. It was obvious that they were interested in each other and their faces and body language told the whole story. As time passed, they got cuter together and portrayed the image of a couple trying to work to be together. They simply had so much in common, and their chemistry only increased when they were singing - whether about each other or to the other. Even though Jesse didn't go into it with the best of intentions, it was clear to me that he was really falling for Rachel - it seemed like they just made each other happy. They acknowledged that they were falling in love and while they've had a temporary setback, I can't help but thinking there is a much longer journey to go with this couple. It's the chemistry, ultimately that won me over.

I’m a big Rachel Berry multi-shipper, but Rachel and Jesse totally caught my attention and became my favorite Glee couple. They literally had me at Hello. The insane chemistry between Jon and Lea, their voices together singing... Just everything, really. ♥

Rachel found a perfect match on Jesse, and it’s something relieving to watch. As a fellow star in the making, Jesse understands her perfectly, like she understands him. She doesn’t need to explain him anything, because he’s right there with her, doing the exactly same choices.

I think they have everything to be the power couple of Glee (even more powerful than Beyoncé and Jay-Z), they have romantic, angst, hot and adorable scenes, and they just stand out, even in the background. I’m just hoping for Jon to return (and maybe become a regular, it’s not asking too much), because there’s just so more that needs to be done for them. He loved her, and he still does. Rachel loves him too, and the looks they shared when VA won tell me that it’s not over for them yet.

St. Berry is a concrete example on how two characters from a TV show complete and complement each other. Some people might argue that Jesse is too much like Rachel to be her half. I disagree. Jesse merely can keep up with Rachel’s intellectual and creative level so it may seem that they are two completely alike. But the thing is, Rachel doesn’t have Jesse’s confidence. True, she knows her goals but she’s not as self-assured as Jesse is.

Both of them are incredibly gifted and driven but they are in no means “the same person”. Jesse merely understands Rachel. He knows all of her dreams and goals and what in the world she’s talking about. Like when she says “Patti Lupone”, he’ll reply with a “Mandy Patinkin”. He doesn’t ridicule her quirks. They are yin and yang. They complement and complete each other.

Jesse was finally that boy that Rachel was waiting for ever since she said she needed a boy that kept up with her both intellectually and creatively. She had finally met the one boy that she deserved because he accepted her for everything that she was. She finally met the one boy who she could talk to about her goals and dreams without fear of him not knowing what she’s talking about or fear of him ridiculing her. And for that, Jesse fulfilled another role that Rachel needed in her life. A friend.

I still firmly believe that the boy that Will was talking about in Ballad when he said to Rachel that “there’s some boy out there that will like you for everything that you are – including those parts that even you don’t like. Those are going to be the things he likes the most.” He found her ramblings and references in the auditorium scene in Hell-O endearing. He looked so proud of her right before she presented her Run, Joey, Run video. Jesse loved those things about her. He loved her dreams and in fact, he thought of her dreams as an inevitability.

Not to mention that they make mere seconds of just being there and not saying anything look so epic and wonderful. Their scenes in Home are a few of my favorite scenes of them ever. The way he had his arms around her for the most part of the episode, and how they established that “We’re a couple” just by being there is amazing. Their chemistry carries them through non-speaking scenes. Even when Jesse wasn’t in Laryngitis, I felt his presence because I felt Rachel missed him. “I still care about him greatly” anyone?

Hello was a beautiful way to start the beauty that is this couple. The way that the writers wrote Jesse in was amazing. They introduced Jesse as a boy who knew about vocal range and musicals and someone who had the talent that could keep up with Rachel’s talent. They introduced him as this boy who had higher dreams for himself and passion that kept him driven – like Rachel.

Not to mention they are one of those rare couples who can pull off both angst and fluff. Some couples either can pull off fluff amazingly but fall short on the angst while some can pull off angst but seem awkward during fluff scenes. St. Berry is a two-in-one couple. Their scenes in Home balanced out their scenes in Bad Reputation. The way these two characters were in Total Eclipse of the Heart showed that someone so hard – and so-called soulless – like Jesse felt something for Rachel. Their passion for each other was burning the screen. He finally felt that blow of insecurity and inadequacy when Rachel triple-casted him. He was finally in too deep for him to go unscathed.

Their kiss in Dream On was so bittersweet. It was when he realized that no matter how this ends, it would hurt him greatly hence his conflicted stare by the end of the episode. It was also when he realized just how much he loved her. We can’t deny with the stares they exchanged in Funk (both after AOBTD and pre-egging) that they still cared about each other greatly. Why else do you think that Rachel hadn’t deleted his number yet?

I said to myself when I first saw the egging scene that it was completely OOC of him to do it but when I look back at it, I kick myself for not being able to understand my favorite character in that scene. He had goals and ambitions and let’s face it, he won’t reach those goals and ambitions with New Directions. He left for his dreams and I’m pretty sure Rachel would do the same. It’s in both of their characters that they would choose their dreams over anything. They wouldn’t be Rachel and Jesse if they didn’t. To crack that egg was probably the only way Jesse could get back in VA’s good side. Because he needs these people. He needs them for his dreams. And frankly, I think the way Rachel’s eyes softened just before she walked away from the platform in “Journey” while Jesse was performing showed how Rachel finally understood why he did it. She saw in the epicness that is Bohemian Rhapsody that Jesse belonged with Vocal Adrenaline. Jesse belonged to a group that could keep up with his talent – a group that could make his dreams come true.

I love Rachel and Jesse because Rachel made Jesse human. She made him feel. She made him enjoy, have fun and just let loose (i.e. in Beautiful and in Ice, Ice Baby). She hurt him (Run, Joey, Run) and she made him care for her (I think I kinda like her).

St. Berry was doomed from the start. And you know what? It became part of their beauty. Their romance was tainted with doom. Every kiss and moment of happiness was bound to come to a halt. But they are inevitable. They’ll meet each other again in the future. And that is what makes them so beautiful and tragic at the same time.

Rachel is the girl who wants everything too much but never gets it. The boy, the popularity, the friends, anything. And it’s like everyone dislikes parts of her making her feel unworthy. But when Jesse entered into her life, she didn’t need anything else because he wants her just the way she is, every little part of her is like heaven to him. It’s true love, and we all know it. Their history isn’t easy, because nothing really is, but it’s perfect in its own way. Jesse and Rachel are an epic romance, soulmates. The kind of story the books, plays and movies are about. They makes us believe that there is someone out there who can complete us in every way and love us just the way we are. Because, no matter what, true love always find it’s way.
-Saya Asakura

Honestly, I’ve never been truly invested in a Glee pairing until St. Berry, but they sucked me in with their amazing chemistry and interaction and have wedged into my heart for all eternity.

They just understand each other so well, they are equals. They’re both ridiculously talented, drama queens, know what they want and they both are destined for greatness on Broadway.

Jesse is the only person Rachel’s dated who wasn’t annoyed by her attitude - on the contrary, he found it amusing and endearing. Just like Mr. Shuester said in Ballad:
“There’s some boy out there who’s going to like you for everything you are, including those parts of you that even you don’t like”.

I firmly believe that that particular boy is Jesse. He never made her feel uncomfortable about being herself. He always knows what to say to her to make her feel better and I honestly can’t see any other guy saying that her playing Evita is “an inevitability” or that she deserves epic romance. Jesse can not only keep up with her vocally but intellectually too.

She brings out the best in him. We all know he puts a tough act to look untouchable in front of his VA peers, almost as if showing emotion is like a sign of weakness in their eyes. But when he’s with Rachel, actually lets his guard down. With her, he isn’t Jesse St. James - the star of Vocal Adrenaline, he’s just Jesse. He’s an ordinary boy, who’s just trying to find his way and, yeah, he’s made some mistakes, but he’s only human. That’s why I don’t buy that soulless automaton nonsense. If he really was that evil as people are making him out to be, he wouldn’t have shown remorse during the egg incident, he wouldn’t have told her that he loved her, which I believe he did. I mean, he told Shelby that he liked her and didn’t want her to get hurt. Now these two seem pretty close so I don’t see a reason for him to lie to her about it, it’s not like she was going to rat him out to VA. Jesse’s feeling were and still remain genuine.

Another thing I love about St. Berry is they were a real, stable couple. They were constantly touching and smiling at each other even when the focus wasn’t even on them. All those little moments made me love them even more.

So that's why I believe she and Jesse are meant to be and if we don't see them anymore on the show (blasphemy!) they will find each other on Broadway one day and shine together. I’m sure of it.find each other on Broadway one day and shine together. I’m sure of it.

From the very moment Rachel and Jesse met, I knew that they were going to be the start of something different, something special. They have this undeniable chemistry that I can't help but be amazed by. From angst to fluff, each and every one of their scenes give me a new reason to love them(except for that one scene in Funk in which I vaguely remember). I'm a Rachel fan first and foremost, and I think that she's found her match with Jesse. Even though he came into the relationship with motives, I truly do think he cared for her and I do not believe that this is the end for them.

Jesse and Rachel are the epitome of an epic couple. Their first meeting was magical, complete with off-the-charts chemistry and an amazingly perfect duet. They had a forbidden romance ala Romeo and Juliet until Jesse transferred to McKinley so he could be with Rachel. They always had to be touching in some way whether it was Jesse’s arm around Rachel, Rachel’s hand on Jesse’s leg or just St. Berry simply holding hands. They had angst, an abundant amount of it from their first break-up in Total Eclipse of the Heart to the heartbreaking looks they shared during Regionals. Most importantly, they had love. Along the way they fell in love and allowed themselves to be real and vulnerable with each other. Their final moment at Regionals gave them something special: hope. Hope for a future complete with I’m sorry’s, I love you’s and I do’s. And Broadway.

17 July 2010 @ 11:36 am
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06 July 2010 @ 07:09 pm
 Are you participating in the HP reread hp_commonroom? Because if you're not, you should.

It's a blast.
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30 June 2010 @ 02:42 pm

*is dead*

This is the end. This time next year, I'll be counting down the days to when the final movie comes out.

The thing that defined my childhood will be over. I'm conflicted.
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14 April 2009 @ 07:30 pm
Title: For Keeps
Pairings: Chuck/Blair, Chuck/Serena
Rating: PG
AN: Drabble for 'haunted' prompt at  gossip_girl100.


Brown and blonde. In a roundabout way, it seemed so complete. Perfection and vanity at its finest. As if that’s how it was always supposed to be. Brown and brown were too dark. Too difficult. Perhaps the complexity is where it all failed.
But blonde. Oh, blonde. It was beautiful. Enigmatic. Simple. All of the things brown just wasn’t. Blonde was the ray of sunshine and happiness to contrast brown’s own never ending darkness. Maybe that’s why it took away absolutely everything- because it made everything light again. Even the things she once thought hers to keep.

Nothing was for keeps anymore.

02 March 2009 @ 04:44 pm
Figured I might as well just post. :)

Name: Amy
Age: 17
Birthday: September 1st
State: Oregon

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